Requisition Number: APR-APRTCH-2022-09-23
Job Title: Technician-New York-PT
City: New York
State: NY

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Technician-New York-PT

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Description/Job Summary

Most/all of the following cleaning service tasks are to be completed daily depending on your role.
1. Inspect all public lavatories per shift for cleanliness and maintenance of an adequate supply of toiletries for replenishment of soap, hand towels, toilet paper, sanitary products, toilet seat covers. Clean mirrors, wipe down sinks and toilets, and remove dirt, stains, trash. Floors around toilet fixtures and under urinals should be mopped a minimum of once per day. On scheduled session days, floors around toilets and under urinals must be mopped per scheduled shift using disinfectant cleaner.
2. Public areas are to be continuously policed and picked up throughout the day for removal of all litter, damp mopping spillages, emptying of trash receptacles, and removal of spots and/or graffiti from wall and column surfaces.
3. Building entrances are to be policed for removal of all litter, debris and trash, including cigarette butts during the course of the work day. Entrances should appear neat and orderly at all times.
4. Pick up trash as required/requested.
5. Perform all assigned cleaning tasks assigned via the work order system.
6. Clean interior and exterior surfaces of lobby windows, windowsills and doors.
7. Spot cleaning of public display cases and display items such as statues and plaques, and brass rails and vestibule areas.
8. Check elevator cabs, vacuum out elevator cabs, clean off cab doors, outside call and interior cab buttons and interior walls, and remove and/or clean up any debris or soil such as cigarette butts, chewing gum, coffee spills, graffiti, etc.
9. Install and remove elevator protection pads on an as-needed basis.
10. Police the assigned exterior perimeter of the buildings to remove cigarette butts, papers, litter and other debris. Sweep standing water and ensure that the area is in a neat and orderly condition. Additional clean up required beyond normal policing may be required from time to time.
11. Removal of trash from trash cans/receptacles on the exterior property and replacement of trash can liners. Clean trash cans and receptacles monthly.
12. Clean vertical and horizontal surfaces of building porticos.

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